Almost Rolling Around Heaven All Day

Almost Rolling Around Heaven All Day.
(An excerpt from the upcoming SHALL WE DANCE, ©Maryrose Carroll)

I woke this morning with a clearer vision of heaven than I ever have had before. Obviously, my advancing age, seventy-three, is having an impact on my developing consciousness. This was the first time I dreamt of heaven. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my thoughts about what will happen. Always I have thought we have a duty or job to preform when we get there. Not quite rolling round Heaven all day. But not an earth job.

Do you ever wonder how the world started, or how the planets all keep in their correct orbits and don’t collide? When I read Dante Alighieri in his Paradiso, “The Love that moves the sun and the other stars.” I shivered with a recognition of what I already believed. This is a circuitous thought: God is love, his love started our world, and keeps it rotating in space, and we are God, maybe one-zillionth of a million zillions of God. So, we get to heaven and we do our one-zillionth of a million zillions to keep it all going.

What does that mean? Well my dream was saying, O. K. baby your job is to be responsible for cleaning out the unused star dust in Orion’s massive stellar nursery. Do I hang around all day, there are no days or nights in heaven, avoiding being bumped by newly forming stars? No, you must to adapt to the fact that heaven is not earth. Everything thing is one, all information is shared, and not just by deceased humans, but by plants and animals who could move up from earth by the power of their energy, their intensity, the spirit they had on earth. Remember the power in this spiritual world is love, and the accumulation of all that love moves the sun and the other stars. So, I can trip the light fantastic through all those mansions comprising the vastness of heaven and know in an instant when I need to be back to Orion’s stellar nursery on time to flick away any troublesome dust, I’ll be there. And what if I flub? No worry, automatically I’ll be dropped down a level, until I can again perform in concert with all the other spirits. Because what happens if we fail. Can you imagine the universe having a flat tire so to speak?

Of course, there are some fluctuations in all this symphony which I think are happening now because earthlings forgot to love their planet. The distress cries given off by earth may be having an impact on at least the earth’s weather. My dream didn’t tell me if there was an impact in heaven from earth’s woes. I was happy enough to begin to understand what might be my place after I die. I think I will mostly be rolling round heaven all day.

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