Just Laugh. 1st Chapter – Fun in Fire.

Did your peanut butter and jelly sandwich just plop jelly side down on the floor? Now you have a valid right to cry. But why cry, it makes your eyes puffy, your face red. Just laugh and the wrinkles don’t show. Besides laughing will pump endorphins into your brain and you will feel better. Pick it up off the floor and give it to your dog, if he hasn’t already scarfed it up.

Have you ever walked to work when you reach a corner and some idiot driving by splashes you? You are covered with road water! What do you do? Shake your fist at the driver’s rudeness (I would do this first part, but not the next) and walk the next block to work crying. How about walking on to work, laughing instead as though you were Gene Kelly in Signing in the Rain? Cry and everyone will stare at you. Laugh and they still may stare but you will feel better. You know there is a towel at work, and you’ll be taking off your coat anyway.

Your in-laws are arriving in three hours, your first meeting, and you want to razzle-dazzle them with your culinary prowess. As you put the roast in the oven, you realize it is not heating! Do you sit down in a chair and cry? Do you call up the local Chinese restaurant and order a meal delivered? Do you make a salad with nuts and sprouts?

These situations may happen at some point in our lives. They all require a decision to be made. Along with that decision is an attitude to choose. We can say “O foo” (like my sister-in-law). We can slip into a chair, frustrated, depressed, or, we can JUST LAUGH. AND WHY NOT LAUGH?

Sometimes what seems like disaster has a silver lining. There may be laughter hiding inside tragedy. Think of fire. The very word gives us all a shudder. But consider these different scenarios involving fire. One comes from the Dylan Thomas event in A Child’s Christmas in Wales where Mr. Prothero, standing amid clouds of smoke, waving his slipper around as if he were conducting exclaims “Do something,” and the kids run out of the house to the public telephone, one saying they should call the police, another that they should call the ambulance, and finally–the punchline–that they should call “Ernie Jenkins, he likes fires.” I’m like Ernie Jenkins. Are you?

These blogs are the start of an e-book, JUST LAUGH. WHY NOT. © Maryrose Carroll (with some help from Dan Campion)

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