Just Laugh. Chapter 4. The Airstream Sushi Bar

Never think you know. You may not and should laugh at your ignorance.

I admired my friend’s classic 32-foot Airstream camper parked at the Grandfather Mountain site while she taught art, as did I, at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Her husband was a unique combination of architect and contractor/carpenter who had refurbished this Airstream with new flooring, kitchen, bathroom, and decor. He had, previously, been the Director of Housing for Papua New Guinea. He was now in Ohio restoring the home they had there.

Besides the beauty of the window-laden Airstream my friend had grand views of Grandfather Mountain, Wi-Fi and a great restaurant, the Grandview, nearby. I always enjoyed visiting, looking at the views and eating with her.

Once my friend and I had finished teaching we parted ways for a year, until I visited her and her husband in her hometown in Nogales, Arizona. She and her husband would migrate from one purchased property to another, one being on a golf course in Tubac, north of Nogales. Their next migration was to Helena, Montana, where they spent a year renovating a small house just above the town selling it to younger skiers. Then, on to Whitby Island, off Seattle Washington where property was a steal after Boeing Aircraft relocated to Chicago. This place was the jinx, for her husband, like me, had a clouted carotid artery. Unfortunately, his was one hundred percent closed. Not being able to have an operation, he passed on suddenly.

Returning to her childhood home of Nogales, my friend wanted to sell the airstream, which was parked in her brother’s driveway. This called for expertise she didn’t have and by chance she stopped at a RV park. The manager said he could help by listing the camper online. Within two days she had an appropriate offer. When drivers came to pick it up they informed her that they would drive it to Los Angeles from where it would be shipped to Tokyo. Then it would be outfitted as a sushi bar.

The lesson, from the Appalachian Mountains to Tokyo, you can never guess where something might end up. Just Laugh.
© Maryrose Carroll

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