Just Laugh. Chapter 6. Standing, in Bed!

Just Laugh. Chapter 6. I’m going to stand in bed, ALL DAY!

Reading the morning paper while sipping coffee was my first mistake. There in blaring type was…. FOREST FIRES IN THE WEST!
Setting the paper down, (I threw it into my fireplace), I turned on the radio…an announcer said…FLOODING IN TEXAS!
Turned that knob off quick! Finally, in desperation I moved to the TV just in time to see pictures of…HURRICANES DEVASTATING THE CARIBBEAN!

How am I going to get through this day? I need a command decision…I’m standing in bed ALL DAY! Maybe all week, till this mess goes away. In comes my lap top and it’s connected to what I hope are working power lines. Maybe the power company is so busy with downed lines they won’t notice I haven’t paid my bill. Ah, I’m in luck. Finally, I google old I Love Lucy videos on YouTube. What a relief to find something that can cheer me up.

Have you seen Lucille and her faithful sidekick, Ethel, working in the chocolate factory? Well, they are in a department that was their last chance having bombed out elsewhere. So, attired in chef-type hats, with company uniforms on, they sit in front of a moving belt conveying single chocolates to the next department. Lucy thinks this is easy, until the chocolates start slipping past them. She and Ethel have been warned that if any aren’t wrapped they are out. Well, the conveyor speeds up not allowing them to grab all the chocolates, and wrap them in paper. They start by eating the extras, then stuffing them in their uniform and finally their hats. All the while displaying facially, gesturally their dismay and confusion,

Wrapped in furs, wearing slinky satin gowns, bejeweled with coiffed red hair Lucille Ball was a glamour puss as can be seen in so many studio photographs now on the internet., She was also a genius at mugging, wrinkling her nose, going wide eyed with a range of vocal pitches. Her face was a chameleon when it came to displaying humorous states of mind. Her timing was impeccable!

As she was quoted, “I’m not funny what I am is brave.” See! I’ll follow her lead, be brave, face the day now that I’ve spent the morning laughing. Laugh in the face of disaster.

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  1. Ah, Maryrose, I did manage to remember about your blog all the way home from Toni’s gallery today. Glad I found it. Yes, we definitely need a little laughter in our lives in these strange and troubled times.

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