Just Laugh. Chapter 7. Is It Orion, O’Ryan, or Leo, the Lounge Lizard up in the night sky???

I guess it’s all in your perspective. And who knows where that starts? You remember, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone. Or do we search deeper than bone marrow, consulting our newly acquired DNA charts to see which way our vessel lists. Mine says half Irish, Finnish, Latvian, Estonian, Spanish, Armenian, Eastern German and Eastern Russia. Does that wild cocktail scatter indecipherably my search for a personal perspective? I do bump up against Calvin Trillin’s dad who came from Russia. While I’m half Irish, it’s Calvin Trillin who thought the constellation Orion was an Irish constellation named O’Ryan.

I love to see those stars in the night sky and have always thought they look like a Looney Tune. There is a lizard’s head, with a triangular party hat, a loopy smile, it’s tongue hanging out on a slant and a stogy below that. I always am cheered when I see him, and say, quietly, “Hi Leo! Take it easy, but take it!” I wonder if Leo is at a big party I can join when I depart this world. Sometimes I think he is playing poker with Studs Terkel. If only I might enable a few politicians to see my way. They might have more fun. Apparently when you smile, you release dopamine in your brain not only making you feel good, but helping to keep schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease at bay. Maybe they would stop adding new taxes or taking money away from NPR.